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Stock Hunter Trading Zone Indicator

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Man, I felt so good about that TSLA put. Everything went right. Rejected VWAP and broke the level for more downside. @Stock_Hunter the Zone Indicator just does it right!

- Khang

I've been using the Zone Indicator and momentum bar along with my volume bars and EMAs. My trading got significantly better once I started really paying attention to the volume bar pattern, but the momentum bar quickly shows me if there's more net buyers/sellers.

- dbang

The Zone Indicator gives me a ton of confidence behind my decisions on trades. Thank you @Stock_Hunter! I've been profitable everyday since I started using it!

- 305Trader

I am very psyched to simplify my trading. I've added indicators over time and there's just too much clutter I have to fight through every day. Thank you @Stock_Hunter!

- TopNotchTrader

The Zone Indicator

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