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Stock Hunter Trading Zone Indicator

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The Stock Hunter Trading Zone Indicator is the last indicator you will need for day trading stocks and options. This thinkorswim (TOS) customized indicator highlights areas where intraday support and resistance is to give yourself the confidence to enter a trade. This is the same indicator that head moderator, Stock Hunter, uses for his trades every day.

5 Things You Can Expect with the Zone Indicator

1. Clear way of finding the best risk/reward setups.

2. Entries and exits are labeled clearly by key zone levels. 

3. The Zone Indicator keeps you out of choppy action and trades. 

4. Stay in trades longer with higher conviction because the levels are incredibly accurate. 

5. Ability to spot bullish and bearish trends easier with help from Zone Indicator and momentum bar. 

Your purchase includes a zipped folder with two scripts, one for the ZONE Indicator and another script for the Momentum Bar and custom candlestick indicator.

As a thank you for purchasing the Stock Hunter Trading ZONE Indicator, you also gain FREE access to our exclusive Zone Indicator Discord chat! In this Discord chat you can find free daily educational posts and trade breakdowns using the Zone Indicator. 

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